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Honestly… I’m bouta write some deep shit

Car enthusiasts are always looked down upon because of their taste . Some of us actually work hard on our cars .

When High school teens are real enthusiasts , they are looked down upon by adults. They’re told they don’t know anything about cars. Its happen to even me before . I consider my self an enthusiast because I will accept any other form of “taste” or style that someone will bring up to me .

"I just wanna be low"

"I just wanna be fast"

"I wanna be an inspiration to other Acura owners out there"

"I wanna be loud"

"I wanna be clean"

"I wanna be fitted"

I’ve heard it all! But the one I despise the most and see the most at my school is this:

"I just wanna look cool"

When people say that , its not part of any scene . They’re trying to copy someone else just to impress .

What I found in my taste and passion was a quote that I’ll live by in the car scene .

"I wanna show people that my crazy ideas are possible."

From that inspiring quote , I’m running on a 6 inch drop hoping to go lower on a static setup .

How rice is that for you .

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